Salary Information for Sonography Technicians

Sonography technicians work with patients and doctors to take internal pictures, which assists in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of diseases. In many cases, songraphers actually assist doctors with reading these pictures and making judgement calls, depending on your level of education. For entry-level sonographers, there are both two-year and four-year programs available. Let’s take a look at the salary you can expect to receive after graduating with one of these degrees.

Salary By Location

According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate you can expect to receive as a sonographer averages about $65,000 annually. However, in some states you can earn more. The following states have the highest averages for sonography technicians, as of 2010:

  • Massachusetts: $80,000
  • Oregon: $79,740
  • Colorado: $77,880
  • California: $77,260
  • Washington: $77,190

Not bad for two to four years of education, right? You can also make more money by moving away from more rural locations to instead live in a city. The metropolitan areas with the highest average salaries for sonography technicians, as of 2010, were as follows:

  • San Jose, CA: $100,240
  • Salinas, CA: $98,590
  • Worcester, MA: $92,100
  • San Francisco, CA: $91,380
  • Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA: $88,890
  • Boulder, CO: $88,440
  • Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA: 88,000

As you can see, this is a very in-demand field, especially in California. In fact, in San Jose, sonographers even average six-figure salaries! Of course, it is important to remember the cost of living in many of these cities is also high, but these are definitely places to consider living if you want to be a sonographer.

Salary by Employer

The type of place where you work also can make a huge impact on  your bottom line. Most sonography jobs are available in diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and physician offices, but the highest-paying jobs, on average, are found with colleges and other institutes of education, outpatient care centers, and specialty hospitals.

Other Sonography Technician Salary Factors

Other factors that will change your salary include your level of experience, whether or not you have an other medical training (such as nursing), and the amount of education you’ve received. Keep in mind also that along with salary, you’ll receive a benefits package that includes things like health and dental coverage, paid vacation days and sick leave, and other perks to working with your company – these should be considered part of your salary. Some companies additionally offer performance incentives and annual bonuses.


Guide to Sonography Technician Programs and Degrees

Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers two health AS degrees in Health IT and in Medical Assisting. This program allows students to earn valuable health care credentials online. Students will acquire real-world knowledge and practical skills to help them prepare for a career in the health care industry.
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Rasmussen College – Rasmussen College offers an AAS in Health IT degree that can be completed online. This program teaches students what they need to know in order to successfully work alongside nurses and doctors caring for patients. It will also prepare students for national certification exam.
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