Get Your Sugar Fix With These Top 12 Candy Blogs

Candy! Who doesn’t love a sweet piece of happiness to subdue that 3 o’clock slump? These candy bloggers have you covered when it comes to candy reviews or learning about the strange and fabulous candies available all over the world. If it’s chocolate, fruit-laden treats or just plain gum that get your taste buds going, here’s a roundup of the top 12 candy blogs.

    1. Candy Blog When it comes to candy, this blog gets deep. From talking about the traditional aspects of certain candies and how they’re tied to holidays to delving into the science behind some of the classic candies we all know and love, this site has it all. This site also has a few easy recipes for making your own candy at home.

    2. Candy Dish Blog This candy blog gives you the scoop on how some of your favorite candy is made and keeps you up-to-date with general candy news. It also shows you how to decorate a party space with colorful candy that’s to stir up nostalgia in your guests.

    3. Blair Candy At this blog you’ll find all of your candy news in one concise place. This site discusses the origin of particular candies for holidays. It also has fun projects posted, like a project for bracelets constructed of candy wrappers.

    4. Todo Candy This blog posts candy reviews, so you’ll never have to come across a lousy candy again! For some reviews it breaks down the nutrition facts for you, but other posts focus solely on packaging, presentation and flavor factor. It also has best-of lists for those occasions when gifting candy is appropriate or called for.

    5. About Candy Here you’ll find a combination of candy reviews, candies from all over the world and candy recipes that you can try on a rainy day. For cooking up your own candy, this blog goes into the science behind melting ingredients and creating a particular texture, so your candy comes out as if it were store bought (only better!).

    6. Candy Blog This blog has the same name as the first one on our list, but it’s a .net instead. The content is very different, making it a must-read for candy afficionados. Candy from all over the world is posted at this blog, giving you a glimpse at what satisfies a sweet tooth in Japan or Denmark.

    7. Candy Critic This candy blog is frequently updated. If you’re nuts for candy, there’s a good chance you also love junk food of every variety. This blog has reviews on nearly anything that will make your insides cringe and your taste buds rejoice. It also keeps you posted on candy business news, so you know what new products are coming to market and what’s getting discontinued.

    8. ZOMG Candy! This candy enthusiast isn’t afraid to share her candy knowledge with the world. The blogger goes into detail over the flavor and texture of candies from around the globe and rates each candy with an O, OM, OMG or ZOMG. It’s serious candy discussions at this blog, folks!

    9. Gum Alert If you’re bonkers for gum, this is the blog for you. Gum lovers Katie and Shannon are avid about their chewing habits and do the dirty work for you. Reviews are broken into flavor, texture, presentation and overall impression of the gum, giving you a hard-hitting look at what to expect before you pop a piece. This is one of our favorite blogs on the list because the reviews are concise and who doesn’t love gum? It’s a niche blog nearly everyone can enjoy.

    10. Sugar Pressure This candy site is packed with colorful images of your favorite sweet things, plus pricing info and nutrition facts. It focuses most on candy of the gummy or fruity varieties, so if those candies are up your alley, be sure to peruse the reviews over the latest pint-sized sugar attacks to hit the market.

    11. David Lebovitz This blog is penned by a chef living in Paris. Get ready for serious chocolate action at this blog that explains the science behind chocolate and how it makes its way into the desserts we love. It also talks about the history of chocolate, how it’s made and the different grades that are out there. While you may be used to Hershey’s, rest assured there are countless chocolates out there that will make it taste like vegetables.

    12. Candy Professor Written by a real professor, this site talks about the history of candy in America. Get ready to feel nostalgic about the candies that ruled when you were a kid and on occasion, learn how to source these candies, some of which are still produced in other countries. It also looks back at the strange ways candy has been used, including in metal illness experiments.

Getting the back story on your favorite candy bar is fun, giving you a conversation-maker next time you’re making small talk with strangers. Like foodies of every variety, candy bloggers know their ingredients, textures and what counts most when it comes to biting down on something sweet – the taste! Check out these candy blogs to satisfy your sweet tooth and help you discover something delectable and new.