40 Fruitful Forums on Fertility

Although we may be commanded to “be fruitful and multiply,” as with all things: that is easier said than done. If you are one of the millions of couples experiencing problems with conceiving a child, it can be difficult to get advice that is both helpful and discrete. Our parents and grandparents may have been forced to have fertility conversations in whispers, but this generation has loads of tools to utilize in fertility on both the medicinal and technological sides.

While only a licensed physician can help with the first, we are more than happy to lend a hand on the latter. Below we have gathered 40 fruitful forums on fertility. They are written by doctors, hopeful parents, and even others who have found success in fertility options.

General Fruitful Forums on Fertility

These forums cover all aspects of fertility.

  1. INCIID Although the forums at the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc. aren’t the slickest, they are a must visit. Fertility experts, including doctors, regularly stop in to answer questions sent in by visitors. Choose to read by your favorite expert, or just check out the latest.

  2. WebMD As with many health issues, WebMD is one of the leaders in fertility forums. As opposed to the usual fertility forums with loads of subcategories, they have many fertility forums including trying to conceive for those just starting, six months of trying, and even twelve months of trying. There are also medical forums such as using Clomid and for those polycystic ovary syndrome.

  3. Fertility Forums These forums are especially designed for couples curious about fertility. Categories include treatments, pregnancy loss, relationships, and many others. You can also view posts by newest, favorite member, or even stop into a chat.

  4. Fertility Forum The experts at eHealth have loads of forums for all kinds of diseases and disorders. With a special one just for fertility, they also have featured experts who stop by to answer a question or two. Current ones include depo shots and ovulation.

  5. Fertility/Infertility Help MedHelp is another website where a variety of forums are offered. This one is specifically for fertility and they also offer Dr. Elaine Brown’s blog on the topic. You can even take advantage of their many pregnancy apps including an ovulation tracker and calculator.

  6. Fertility Archive Have an FAQ on fertility? Then try this forum archive with the answers to many fertility questions. Popular choices include libido, medications, and several adult topics.

  7. Fertile Thoughts This is a straight forward fertility forum. Simply pick from topics such as infertility, adoption, and others to begin reading or discussing. There are also member blogs to choose from.

  8. Fertility Zone Are you experiencing fertility issues in the UK? Maybe you really, really want to be discrete. Either way, these forums offer specialties in male infertility, IVF, immunology, and many other topics, as well as pregnancy and parenting.

  9. Infertility Support This is where women in all stages of their infertility battle discuss various tests and treatments they are undergoing. It is supported by iVillage whose goal is for members to find support and meet other women experiencing difficult situations as a result of their fertility issues. The main site also has more on the topic.

  10. Fertility Neighborhood Sign up for an account here to being discussing fertility. The main site has many news items and links on the topic of fertility. You can also use it to find recommended resources in your area.

Fruitful Forums on Fertility Options

Because there are many fertility options, check out these forums.

  1. Ovulation Calculator One of the key tenants to fertility, learn more about ovulation in these forums. They have other tools in addition to the forum such as a calculator, calendar, the basics, and even a few advanced sections. You can even create your own Ticker Wizard here.

  2. I Am Pregnant You don’t’ have to be preggers to take advantage of these forums. With a special section for those trying to conceive, you can read the true stories of fertility dreams and nightmares here. Of course, there are forums and tips for what to do when you do conceive.

  3. Ovulation and Ovaries Forum If you are a woman who needs to learn more about what’s going on inside of you or a man who’s too embarrassed to ask, you can learn easily and confidentially here. Part of eHealth, Dr. Madhumita Avinash Paul is a general medicine and women’s health doctor who stops in occasionally to chime in. Items discussed include treatment options, medication, side effects, diet, and emotional issues surrounding fertility.

  4. Conception Tips Want to know the best position for getting pregnant? This is one of the best forums to ask and have this and other similar questions answered. Conceptions tips, diet, and other little tidbits are shared here. Parents who have had success also stop by to share how.

  5. Baby and Bump Although seemingly another pregnancy forum, there is more for those with fertility issues. Simply scroll down to the Trying to Conceive section to get more. There are discussions on those waiting to try, those over 35 and trying, and more.

  6. Babycenter Similar to the above, this is an online pregnancy and baby community that also has tips for fertility. Simply create a profile to begin. You can join groups, upload pictures, and meet other hopeful parents just like you.

  7. Conception Advice Forum This is more of a blog than a traditional forum. However, the author does include many entries on how to conceive and related topics. A recent entry was on getting ready to get pregnant.

  8. IVF Connections IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is often considered by couples with fertility problems. This is one of the leading sites with a large forum to ask and have questions answered. You can also find member blogs and other content.

  9. IVF Infertility Stop here for another large forum on the IVF process. Topics include ICSI, ZIFT, and many other specializations within the field. There is also the option to chat.

  10. TTC by IVF This is the forum for Trying to Conceive by IVF. Moms and moms to be often stop by to discuss their personal stories. You can also read about celebrity moms who chose IVF.

Fruitful Forums on Adoption

Any couple having fertility issues has considered adoption on some form of level. Use these forums, message boards, and more to easily and confidentially learn more about the adoption process.

  1. Adoptive Families Circle This leading site has all things adoption, including an active community. Parents at all levels of the adoption process are welcome to visit and sift through the tons of information. You can learn more about adoption agencies, attorneys, and get answers to many common and uncommon questions.

  2. Adoption.com Many leading sites and blogs link to this forum as one of the first. Categories include tips for parents, international adoptions, support, and more. The forums also have resources for local support.

  3. Parent Profiles If serious about adopting, stop here to create an online parent profile. It is one of the leading sites to help connect adoptive parents with those looking to place children for adoption. You can also stop by to view profiles of other adoptive parents.

  4. Adoption The folks at iVillage return again with another useful forum. Whether you’ve adopted, are considering adopting, are an adoptee or birthparent who has placed a child for adoption, there is a place for you here. Topics include adoption highs and lows, social services, adoption paperwork, and much more.

  5. Adoption and Other Options Although this forum is sponsored by She Knows, both men and women can come here to learn about and discuss adoption and related options. Current topics include questions to ask, costs, and thoughts on the related newsletter. There are also other fertility related forums on the site.

  6. International Adoption If your adoptive interests lie overseas, stop here. This forum specializes in adopting children from other counties. Recent discussions are on Russian adoption and a couple that just finalized their adoption process. You can also look up fertility, adoption groups, foster parenting, and more.

  7. Family Planning/ Adoption Message Board This forum is run by the experts at Health Boards. You can browse such topics as steps in the adoption process, family planning, and even fertility drugs. They also have message boards on many other topics.

  8. Adoption Message Boards The people behind Yahoo! keep up with a great deal of items on the web. This forum is just one of the ways you can keep up with the latest adoption news and posts. Current topics include gay parent adoption and adoptions scams.

  9. Adoption Have a question about adoption law? Then this is the forum for you. Part of Free Advice, visitors come here to get answers to many legal questions, including those on adoption and family law.

  10. After Adoption After all the adoption paperwork, filings, legal procedures, and costs comes the hard part. Get tips on adoption parenting with a visit to this forum. Be sure not to miss the main site with more.

Other Fruitful Forums on Fertility

If you still haven’t found the topic on fertility you are searching for, check out these other fertility related forums.

  1. Drugs Forum Are you considering taking a medication to help with fertility? Than check out these forums with more on just about every kind of drug. Useful for just about any kind of medication.

  2. About Fertility Visit here for one of the few forums moderated by someone who used to have fertility issues. Rachel Gurevich has experienced many ups and downs with her family’s fertility journey. Stop by the forum to see more, and be sure to read her expert blog while you are there.

  3. The Men’s Fertility Forum Because fertility isn’t just a woman thing, stop here. This forum has loads of categories to choose from including causes of male infertility and treatments. The main site also has more.

  4. Infertility Forum Dr. Russel Williams practices at the Male Reproductive Clinic in Houston. He is also one of the physicians who answers male infertility questions posted on the Urologychannel Forum. However, you can read many expert answers to male infertility here including low sperm count and others.

  5. Mothers 35 Plus If you are over 35 and experiencing fertility issues, stop here. The forum has everything for parents 35 and over including discussions on conception. Other useful tips are included.

  6. Male Infertility Finally, there is this message board and forum for men experiencing fertility. It is sponsored by FertiliChat , which also has other forums. Stop by to read and ask questions.

  7. Healthy Fertility Forum Got questions about alternative fertility options? Then stop here to get a few forums on the topic. Although a bit outdated, visitors can read about nutrition, acupuncture, and other fertility items.

  8. Got Questions? Are you struggling with fertility and how it affects your Christian faith? Then do the next best thing to asking a man or woman of the cloth. Stop by here to get the Biblical answers to many questions, including fertility and family planning.

  9. Catholic Answers Forums Similar to the above, this forum specializes in answering a variety of questions from a Catholic point of view. Over 200,000 members, including many priests and other experts, stop here to ask and answer questions on just about every topic imaginable. Topics from the deed itself to what to do if the priest cuts you off during confession are taken on.

  10. LDS Forum Get the Mormon version of the above here. Marriage and family advice is where fertility questions can be asked. There are also loads of other topics, blogs, and more with the Church of Latter-day Saints in mind.

The above 40 fruitful forums on fertility can contain a lot of useful advice and recommendations from those who have been where you are going. However, remember that the best source of reliable and credible information on fertility is a licensed physician who can run tests, examine you, and help you create a path to fertility that everyone is happy with. No matter which option you decide to go with, it is best for you and your co-parent to know as much as possible before making a decision.