10 Alternative Ways to Get Pregnant

Although tradition states that there is really just the one way to get pregnant, science is teaching us more than ever about how and why people conceive.  There are now many new tools and trains of thoughts on the art of procreation that can be researched thoroughly and discretely.  Best of all, these entries are given by either the experts who use them on their patients or couples who have successfully used the method to get pregnant.

Just see for yourself on the below 10 alternative ways to get pregnant.  They include a few simple changes to your lifestyle, a trip to your drugstore, and even some sex ed for those who need a little brushing up.

  1. The Fertility Diet – With a diet for everything from weight loss to muscle gain, is it such a huge surprise that there is a diet especially for women trying to conceive?  In a groundbreaking new book, Harvard researchers look at the role of diet, exercise, and weight control in fertility.  As reported on by Newsweek, 18,000 women took part in a study to research the effects of diet and other factors on fertility.  The role of fat, carbs, and are revealed in a new light.
  2. Don’t Forget Dad Diet – Because pregnancy is still a tag team effort, there are foods that can help dads-to-be in the fight for fertility.  In no surprise, foods such as fruits and veggies can help men increase their chances of getting pregnant.  In other stunners, foods that can help men become dads include pomegranate juice, pumpkin seeds, and the old-fashioned oyster.  The blogger at What to Expect also shares what foods men should avoid.
  3. Procreation Vacation – Is all that stress getting in the way of you getting pregnant?  Then why not investigate into joining in as other couples have done and go on a procreation vacation?  These are vacations designed for those trying to conceive and can also be known as Babymoons.  Pamela at The Fertility Advocate has more on what they are, as well as a few tips and deals for where to go.
  4. A Little Pregnant – With most pregnancy tests reading either positive or negative, turns out there are many kinds of pregnancies.  From New England, Julie writes frankly about her adventures in infertility and alternative ways to get pregnant.  You can also read about her experiences with ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, a complicated pregnancy, and birth.
  5. It’s All About the Period – One of life’s little realities, a woman’s period is something that happens on a regular basis, but how much do we truly know about it?  With everyone from the women experiencing it to the men experiencing it by proxy feeling embarrassed about asking about the science, why not turn to the internet?  Robin Elise Weiss of About.com shares some basics on the menstruation cycle, as well as loads of other tips for getting pregnant.
  6. Predict It – With ovulation being an important part of pregnancy, many couples are turning to Ovulation Prediction Kits.  They can give one of the most accurate predictions for when a woman will be fertile, as well as when to try and conceive.  The blogger at Just Mommies shares quick and easy tips for how to use one, when to use it, and when to attempt the act.  There are also loads of related entries.
  7. Blog About It – Proving there is a blog for everything, many people who want babies turn to the internet and blogging as a way to vent without driving their family and friends crazy with all the baby talk.  Don’t believe it?  Then stop by the Baby Makin(g) Machine to see how she went from blogging about wanting a baby to actually doing it.
  8. Plan, Schman – Tarzan and Jane of the blog His Boys Can Swim have made no secret about their fertility issues.  However, they often prove themselves to be the exception to the rule.  In this tell all blog entry, Jane frankly discusses a pregnancy possibility and how it came to be, complete with the details of when they attempted to conceive outside her fertile days and how it turned out.
  9. All About Sperm (Donation) – The newest version of banks in the modern age, sperm donation is a well-known yet little discussed alternative way to get pregnant.  With many parents reluctant to discuss it, writer Sarah Fain has no qualms about sharing the details on her personal adventure in her blog cleverly titled Starfish Envy.  In it, you can read all about why and how she is choosing it, along with updates on her progress.
  10. Pregnancy Acupuncture – Alan is an expert acupuncturist who has traveled the world to teach and practice his methods.  In this blog entry, he specifically discusses how you can use acupuncture and moxibustion for childbirth and pregnancy.  In addition to very specific methods to use, he also includes an instructional video.

Although the internet can be a quiet way to research just about everything imaginable, it is important to discuss any or all of the above ten alternative ways to get pregnant.  Be sure and see a licensed physician before drastically altering any diet or health plan.